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Chameleons are very interesting pets. However, before buying one, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. Remember: buying a chameleon means taking on a long-term commitment. With life spans as high as 9 or 10 years (sometimes more), chameleons are definitely not, and should never be impulse purchases.

For newcomers, I recommend going through the main parts of this website to learn the fundamentals of chameleon care as the minimum prerequisite before purchasing a chameleon. Ideally, you should go through this site, as well as buy a decent book and read it cover-to-cover. I also recommend getting your enclosure as well as all the furnishings before getting your chameleon, so that you can get everything just right before adding your new pet. A well set up and thought out enclosure will lessen the stress of moving from the pet dealer to your home.

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Brookesia micra, world's smallest chameleon, discovered in Madagascar
Scientists have discovered a new species of chameleon, Brookesia micra, believed to be the smallest in the world. The tiny lizard, native to Madagascar, measures less than 30 millimeters fully grown – and when young, it is small enough to stand comfortably on the head of a match. Click Here for the full story!

"Just came back from a short visit to your site. It is swell! You've done a great job and I love the way you've put everything into a very good perspective." - Francois Le Berre, Author of The Chameleon Handbook and The New Chameleon Handbook.