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Bad Experiences
Buying a chameleon should be a pleasant and exciting experience. However, some pet stores with questionable business practices can turn your experience into a nightmare. 'Bad Experiences' is where you can learn from others' mistakes.

Looking for Plants?
Here is a list of plants which are considered to be Herp-Friendly. Be sure to print or check out this list before going plant shopping!

Stay away from these!
Here is a link to a list of toxic plants. Better stay away from these if you want to keep a happy, healthy lizard! Print or check out this list before going plant shopping!

What's the Temperature?
Here's a handy little tool which you can use to convert temperatures to and from degrees Fahrenheit / Celsius.

Yummy Healthy Buggies
Just as important as what you feed your pet, is how you care for the creepy, crawlies. Here is some information and tips on how to care for the insects your chameleon loves to munch on!