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Here are some products that we've had people ask about. If you wish, you can click on either the product image or the product name in order to purchase it safely and securely from an online store and delivered hassle-free to your front door.

The Reptarium by Apogee
Click Here To PurchaseReptarium open air enclosures are economical, practical and multifunctional. Herpetologists and hobbyists alike are choosing Reptarium Naturalistic Habitats to house reptiles of all kinds. The screened design allows air to circulate efficiently to help minimize sour odors and to more naturally replicate ideal temperatures. Can be customized with plants and lighting (not included) to create a unique environment. Sturdy, lightweight PVC frame with nylon mesh covering sets up quickly and is easy to clean. The zippered opening can be placed wherever it allows you the most convenient access to your reptile. Units can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. Several sizes available. Also available (sold separately) are the Reptarium Soft Trays, which are waterproof and puncture resistant linings you add to the base of the Reptarium to hold all types of substrate.

Fresh Air Habitat
A durable open-air enclosure that's suitable for chameleons. A good inexpensive starter enclosure. The screened design allows air to circulate efficiently to help minimize sour odors and to more naturally replicate ideal temperatures. Can be customized with plants and lighting (not included) to create a unique environment.

Tropical Reptile Mister
This Tropical Reptile Mister doesn't require electricity or batteries. Simply fill it with water, then pump to create a pressurized environment which results in the release of a super-fine mist. Portable and easy to use, simply clip the flexible hose to wherever you want it in the enclosure.

Fluker's Digital Thermometer
Measures temperature and humidity for accurate terrarium readings. For use for all amphibians and reptiles. Includes a slim and compact design, MAX/MIN readouts with memory, celsius and Fahrenheit selectable, magic-sticker glued for easy mounting. Uses a 3.0V CR2032 battery (included with product). Device measures 4" w x 1/4" d x 1 1/4" h.

ZooMed Reptisun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulbs
Click Here To Purchase Reptisun 5.0 bulbs offer the UVB and UVA rays that are necessary for the good health of your reptile. UVB rays strengthen and improve shell growth on all captive turtles and tortoises, as well as allowing all reptiles the ability to regulate their own Vitamin D3 levels, which eliminates the risk of vitamin D3 overdose from synthetic sources. UVA wavelength increases appetite and physical activity, while helping to induce reproductive behaviors. UVA rays are also beneficial to the psychological well-being of captive reptiles. The UVA/UVB wavelengths of these bulbs remain active for one year. Replace bulbs yearly.

ZooMed Premium Sand Blasted Grapevine
Premium, sand-blasted grapevine adds natural beauty to your terrarium while providing basking areas that allow reptiles to climb closer to heat sources and UVB bulbs. Can also be used with all birds and small animals. Because this product is created by nature, the piece you receive will vary somewhat from the piece shown.

Click Here To PurchaseFluker's Bend A Branch
Bend A Branch has a natural look and feel that your climbing reptiles will love, and it offers more support than a natural vine. Bends to fit any type of enclosure to create additional climbing and basking space. Long-lasting and easy to clean. Choose from assorted sizes.

Click Here To PurchaseThermometers and Hygrometers
Monitoring and maintaining consistent humidity and temperature levels in the terrarium are vital to the health of your reptile pet. These gauges offer accurate, easy-to-read results. Just place on the side of the terrarium and you can monitor them at a glance.

ZooMed Reptisafe
Click Here To PurchaseWhen used in habitat water or drinking water, Reptisafe instantly removes chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia; adds essential electrolytes, stimulates the protective slime coat development and reduces pH. Instantly makes water safer for all types of snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians, hermit crabs and arachnids. When adding to pet's drinking water, use 2 drops of Reptisafe per 8 ounces of water. When using to condition water in the habitat, use 1 teaspoon of Reptisafe per 5 gallons of water. Use to treat all new and replacement water, and whenever adding new reptiles to the habitat.

Wipe Out from ZooMed
Click Here To PurchaseWipe Out 1 is a spray formula cleaner designed to clean, disinfect and deodorize terrariums and small animal homes. Remove animals, dishes and accessories from the home, then spray Wipe Out 1, wait five minutes and wipe dry.

Wipe Out 3 is an easy-to-use, antiseptic hand gel designed to clean and sanitize hands before and after handling reptiles. Dries in seconds, with no rinsing required.

Click Here To PurchaseCalcium with Vitamins from Rep Cal
Use this fine powdered blend to coat fruits, vegetables or insects before feeding them to your reptile or amphibian. Offers the correct calcium:phosphorous ratio and is formulated from 100% natural, oyster shell calcium.

Mardel Cricket Duster
Click Here To PurchaseThe unique dual-chamber design of the Cricket Duster traps excess powder to prevent waste and prevents spills when food is poured out. Use to dust crickets, meal worms or fresh fruits and vegetables with nutrient-rich powdered supplements (sold separately). Durable design is easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe.