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There are more than 135 different species of chameleons known today. These species can be broken down into 6 different genus; Bradypodian, Brookesia, Calumma, Chamaeleo, Furcifer, and Rhampolean. In this section, we have provided basic information and caring instructions (as much as we have at this time) for most of those species.

It is important to note that while the information here is as accurate as we have, not all the data may be up to date. It is also important to remember that even under optimal conditions, problems may arise. We do not take responsibility for any problems incurred while using the information in this website.

Click on the genus names to take you to information related to the species of that group. Alternately, you can enter a species name into the search field. You may enter partial or full names into the search field.

Note: Differentiating between sexes of chameleons can be difficult to say the least at times. One of the most often mentioned terms which is used to differentiate between sexes of chameleons ( the 'hemipenal bulge' ), is illustrated below. Notice the bulge possessed by the male of the species (image on the right) is very slight, and will not be very apparent in some cases until the chameleon is a few months old.